Gambit is the first software for quantitative analysis in game theory. GTE (Game Theory Explorer) is a GUI (Graphical User Interface), it allows users to create and modify game settings and it computes corresponding equilibria. The project aims at making GTE an efficient tool for game theory learning, allowing for a better understanding of equilibria. It consists on a graphical display of best responses and equilibria in GTE. It can be divided in for main steps.

Game settings can be specified by two matrices or a tree. The first step is to convert both representations into a generic input format for graphical displaying. The second step is to provide a 2D graph of best responses. This graph would be updated as the user modifies settings. It corresponds to the midterm evaluation. The third step focuses on JavaScript implementation. This will include 3D display, the possibility of modifying the game directly on the graph and allowing users to download good quality drawing of the display. The last step is to display the path between equilibria by the Lemke-Howson algorithm.

At the end of the project, GTE will provide intuitive displays to understand game theory results.




  • rahulsavani
  • cpelissier
  • bvonstengel