Many users of Open Ephys are using optogenetic tools to manipulate activity in genetically defined neural circuits, but there is currently no way to control these tools from the Open Ephys GUI. Cyclops is a high-precision LED driver designed for precise optogenetic stimulation. Setting up a controlled closed-loop experiments, where neurons can be stimulated based on real-time acquired neural data, would be greatly simplified if a plugin to communicate with Cyclops is built into the GUI.

A typical scenario would be to upload or stream waveforms to Cyclops and trigger their deployment (or transformations) based on events detected in GUI. An open communication protocol needs to be defined for this and also special programable processors that can generate feedback signals and control Cyclops (via the protocol).
After configuring the processors in the pipeline, the GUI would program Cyclops and the experiment can be launched.

In addition to this, a more powerful and upgraded Cyclops that uses a Teensy board will be released. Cyclops and Open Ephys would still support the Arduino version though.



Ananya B


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