The ability to debug software is important not just when developing but also when using it, e.g. post-mortem analysis. NetBSD provides MKDEBUG and MKDEBUGLIB variables that can be set in mk.conf in order to split debugging symbols for user-land applications and libraries. Resulting split debugging symbols are then available via the debug.tgz and xdebug.tgz installation sets. NetBSD also provides Rump and to some extent also ddb(4), ktrace(1) and DTrace that ease analysis, tracing and debugging. All these features make NetBSD a great operating system in this regard. However, in pkgsrc it is possible only to generate packages with debugging symbols by providing proper CFLAGS for debugging and setting the INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED flag. This make debugging, especially for binary packages users, not very feasible.

The purpose of this project is to implement a mechanism for pkgsrc similar to the one provided by RPM and Debian package manager to split debugging symbols for a <package> in a separate package <package>-{debuginfo,dbg} (that just contains debugging symbols).





  • David Maxwell
  • Jörg Sonnenberger
  • Cryo
  • wiz
  • Riastradh