Soletta has its own implementation of the lightweight machine to machine (LWM2M) protocol. The LWM2M protocol is used to remotely control IoT devices, these include: Firmware updates, status reporting and etc. Although Soletta already implements the LMWM2M Server and the LWM2M Client, Soletta's implementation is lacking some main features, namely: an LWM2M Bootstrap Server, Message Encryption and Data Access Control.

The idea is to:

  • Add support to LWM2M Bootstrap Server on Soletta, as specified by OMA, enhancing IoT developers' choices on how to bootstrap their machine-to-machine devices.
  • Add support to CoAP Message Encryption inside Soletta's implementation of LWM2M, giving IoT developers' an increase sense of security when using LWM2M through Soletta.
  • Add support to Data Access Control, allowing a LWM2M Client to support one or more LWM2M Servers, by determining which server is authorized to perform which operation. The LWM2M specification specifies Access Control Objects to handle authorization, and they will be implemented from scratch.
  • Deliverables include API Code, Internal Code Changes, Unit Tests, Doxygen Documentation and Sample Applications.





  • Bruno Dilly
  • Gui.Iscaro
  • Iscaro