The idea behind this project is to create an application using Nasa Web World Wind to show metadata about environmental variables in more than three dimensions. The model I'd like to implement to present 3D data is a Voxel model. Each voxel has three dimensions, that will be possible to customize with the interested metadata, but also more information can be shown thanks to Web World Wind capabilities. Coloring each Voxel might present another metadata and additionally creating an animation in time gives the opportunity to introduce a further variable. Users will be able to interact with the visualization, customizing the metadata on the Voxel and filtering data according to specific settings. As input data, I'm considering telecommunication data from "Telecom Italia Big Data Challenge 2015". My idea is to create first the visualization environment and further import the data in a database to allow users to query the database for particular data. Moreover, depending on the time also would be interesting to allow users to import their own data set in a specific format to share the view on a specific globe with other people.




  • Patrick Hogan
  • Jakub Balhar