Tracing support with annotation-based traces is a promising approach to allow developers to get a view into the performance behavior of Ceph components. Past efforts have used the blkin library to instrument some parts of Ceph's codebase, and some plugins have been created to allow these traces to be visualized in Twitter's Zipkin platform.

This project would add value to the Ceph community by extending the tracing capabilities and integrating the Zipkin visualizations in Ceph's continuous integration processes, allowing developers to quickly get performance information after changes or after testing particular scenarios.

The objectives would be achieved by performing the following tasks:

  1. Have a well documented and modern implementation of an infrastructure that can generate and visualize tracepoints in Zipkin from Ceph.
  2. Integrate the infrastructure into CBT and Teuthology as well as anywhere else the Ceph Community is interested in having it.





  • alimaredia