Liquid Galaxy needs a bluetooth scanner which will interact with Physical Web (PW) Beacon. Once the scanner has found this PW beacon it will interact with the Liquid Galaxy (LG) to make it know there is someone who wants to deploy its POIs, so the LG will wait for confirmation. This LG App will have an easy interface that will have a connect button, a confirmation one (for security reason). Another button will be added for a restoration of the previous POIs after a visit.

Once the action is confirmed the POIs will be deployed in the LG and the user will be able to see them in the screens.

In order to build the user POIs set, I will develop an Android App where the user can define its own POIs. This information will be stored in the user Google Drive account and the URL will be the one the PW beacon will advertise.

So when the scanner detects the PW beacon and confirms the action, the system will connect to this URL and will download the POIs stored in it.

To sum up, this project will have 2 Android Apps: one to be running on LG (connection, interaction and restoration of user POIS) and another one for the visitor mobile (config and customization of own POIS and PW Beacon).



Ivan Josa


  • Julio Bondia
  • Jezabel
  • Andreu