I want to extend the tutorial offered by LabLua for the Ceu language. As it is, when you write code on their website and press submit, the code is sent to their server, compiled and the result is sent back. The problem with this, is that it doesn't show the entire capabilities of the language. For instance if you write a program that prints a message every second for 10 seconds, it will return that message printed ten times in an instant. What I want to do by using Emscripten is to have a real time tutorial, so that after the server sends back the result, it will actually print the message every one second, for ten seconds. I will also want to create a second tutorial that implements SDL as well. SDL is a language that can create shapes and interacts with keyboard inputs and the mouse. There already is compatibility between Ceu and SDL and there is also compatibility between SDL and Emscripten. The challenge is to create a synergy with all three languages. I believe this to be feasible, because you can transform a Ceu program into a C program that can then be compiled with Emscripten.





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