Nmap is one of the topmost security auditing tool with a big community support. To rig it with some new features and make enhancements in it I want to do a project in this summers which will aim at giving new capabilities to Nmap as well as hunt down its existing bugs. These features and bugs hunting will take up the Nmap to a next level where it will be even more powerful. This project will have many sub-projects in it with their individual deadlines and milestones, at the same time many bugs also will be corrected by me, as there can be many number of bugs I will maintain a list of bugs where they will be prioritized with the help and recommendation of mentor and community. Few of the sub-projects which are either enhancement or new feature have been mentioned in the project proposal while some of them will come on the way of this three month of coding period so depending upon their urgency, need and complexity I will take up them with an appropriate deadline assigned by mentor.





  • Daniel Miller