Many problems in applied sciences are posed as convex optimization problems over the complex field such as MaxCut, Phase retrieval from sparse signals, designing a FIR filter given desired frequency response.

The present approach is to manually convert the complex-domain problems to real-domain problems, then use domain specific languages like Convex.jl, cvx or cvxpy to get the solution of the corresponding real-domain problem and finally combine the solution from these languages to get the complex-domain solution. This process can be time-consuming and non-intuitive sometimes. The correct approach to such problems is to make our existing packages deal with complex-domain problems directly.

The aim of the project is to add the support for solving complex-domain linear programs, second order conic programs as well as complex semidefinite programs (SDP) in Convex.jl (a Julia package for Disciplined Convex Programming).





  • Madeleine
  • Dj