Coreboot is a firmware that aims at replacing the initialisation process performed by the BIOS or UEFI firmware at each boot of the computer system that it’s installed on. In order to achieve this, Coreboot has to understand and support the underlying hardware that it is running on, adding a new motherboard can be quite an error-prone and tedious process that can even take up to several months of work if none or just a few of the device’s components are already supported. One of the tools used to make this process easier is SerialICE, a system software debugger that allows the developer to log and intercept the vendor’s BIOS accesses to the hardware and sends the information through a serial or EHCI debug port.

This project idea aims at reducing the time and frustration of this process through:

  • Improving the workflow of adding a new device thanks to a better integration of SerialICE in the developer’s workflow.
  • Allowing access to a recovery and update of the firmware without an OS environment with the use of a flashrom payload.





  • adurbin
  • Furquan