The project will add the ability to sync events from OpenMeetings Calendar and iCal/CalDAV Protocol. OpenMeetings is a Web-Conferencing and collaboration software which already has a Calendar, but it does not integrate with CalDAV yet. This project aims to include the ability to use the CalDAV as a front-end feature by any user or organization to allow bidirectional access to the calendar server.

This task will make use of the CalDAV4j, iCal, and jackrabbit-webdav libraries to implement the CalDAV client for OpenMeetings.

This will be done in 3 stages:

  • Implement client for CalDAV
  • Extend openmeetings-db to store the server credentials and calendar to the database.
  • Extend openmeetings-web to add read and write access to the user's CalDAV server.

CalDAV implementation to the calendar would be one major upgrade to the current OpenMeetings Calendar, which at the moment uses a local database on the OpenMeetings Server to store the calendar data, allowing groups more flexibility in setting and viewing their respective schedules.


Ankush Mishra


  • solomax