The main aim of this project is to come up with distributed and resilient version of Amber, which can help it in achieving the real vision of 404/broken-link free internet. The project can be divided into two different parts which involves IPFS integration, and distributed Amber design and implementation.

IPFS Integration

IPFS is the new P2P hypermedia protocol made to achieve “The permanent web” by Protocol Labs. It can be seen as a single BitTorrent swarm, exchanging objects within one Git repository. It will be added into Amber’s backend options using official PHP IPFS API implementation.

Distributed Amber

This section of project deals with distributed version of Amber which enable Amber nodes to communicate and share cached contents with each other (P2P cache sharing). The proposed design can be briefly divided as:

  • Central Server based on memento timegate, which will allow users to query peers and facilitate P2P cache sharing.

  • Amber nodes with added APIs for cache sharing.

  • Security Measurements to prevent misuse of the system by using Public-key cryptography and Reputation based cache resolving.

Technologies: Python, PHP, Networking concepts, Basic cryptography




  • Genève
  • rmw