The project goal is to create a machine translation package for Sicilian-Spanish language pair on the base of Apertium’s machine translation system. This project is using the existing Apertium’s Spanish dictionary in order to build a package with two monolingual dictionaries for Spanish and Sicilian languages and a bilingual package for Spanish-Sicilian equivalents and translation rules.

So, the project flow is the following:

  • building a monolingual package for Sicilian,
  • creating a bilingual Spanish-Sicilian equivalents dictionary,
  • writing lexical decision rules and transfer rules for these languages,
  • and collecting a parallel corpus for final evaluation.

As a result, the final coverage of monolingual Sicilian package must be more than 90% of Sicilian Wikipedia corpus, and the evaluation on the parallel corpus must be error-free. First of all, this Sicilian dictionary has good prospects to become a base for new Apertium language pairs. Second, automatic translation based on the developed package could be useful for Wikipedia users: Apertium's machine translation for Sicilian could help to translate more articles for the growing Sicilian Wikipedia.



Uliana Sentsova


  • Ornela
  • Xavi Ivars