Dipy is a python library for analysis of diffusion-weighted MRI (dMRI). Diffusion patterns can reveal microscopic details about tissue architecture and is used in clinical as well as neuroscience research. The IVIM model describes diffusion and perfusion in the signal acquired with diffusion MRI. Recently the interest has expanded and applications have emerged throughout the body including kidneys, liver, and even the heart. Many more applications are now under investigation such as imaging for cancer (prostate, liver, kidney, pancreas, etc.) and human placenta. One of its largest uses is in brain mapping and neuroscience research such as Parkinson’s disease where it is used to study aging and structural degeneration of fibre pathways in the brain. An open source implementation of this model will help researchers and students investigate such applications and will add to Dipy’s ability as a complete diffusion imaging library.




  • Ariel Rokem
  • Eric Peterson
  • RafaelNH