Project Details: YooHoo, is a interactive chat engine, which supports text, audio, video chats and file sharing. It is to facilitate one-to-one chats, group chats, create events and manage them online(assign tasks and schedule deadlines etc). It has also got a integrated set of bots, for mainly connecting with, etc to provide instant help for queries, suggest apps etc. It also include provision for creating new bots using custom codes. The main aim of YooHoo is to create a collaborative environment for those who are working on Linux systems. With its in-build bots it can provide live assistance to users, suggest the best apps available for his needs, get latest releases and news, which can improve user experience a lot.

Benefits to Debian: Will help to provide automated help to its users (by the bot) as well as ask new queries, report bugs etc, thus bridging the gap between a normal user and Debian system.

Why Debian?: Well, Once you start exploring her, your curiosity never ends. Of all the other distros I have used, I learned more on Linux by using Debian. She is simple, minimalist and is highly educative in a learn by doing approach.



Balu Menon


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