HTTP Load balancer is a software application capable of distributing HTTP traffic to backend servers according to the specified scheduling policy.

WSO2 Gateway is a high performance, lightweight, low-latency messaging gateway based on standard gateway pattern. Its Netty based non-blocking IO and Disruptor (ringbuffer) architecture makes it the fastest open-source gateway available. Benchmarks shows that the performance of gateway is very high when compared to other solutions and is close to the direct netty based backend (without any intermediate gateway).

The following features will be implemented:

  • Support for different Load Balancing Algorithms
  • Full Compliance with HTTP specification
  • Support for SSL
  • Session Persistence
  • Health Checking and Redirection

This Load Balancer will a pluggable component. It will be able to achieve even load distribution through highly efficient, lightweight and low latency messaging. Thus, the performance will also be able to compete with existing load balancers.





  • IsuruR
  • Kasun Indrasiri