Tutorials serve as an invaluable way to familiarize oneself with new software. Cytoscape.js currently provides demos but lacks tutorials to tie together many ideas into a fully realized implementation. This project entails writing comprehensive but easy-to-understand tutorials which demonstrate the power of Cytoscape.js, both to those new to the project and to those wishing to tackle more ambitious projects with Cytoscape.js. I envision a set of tutorials moving from a level just beyond the demos, to a tutorial that details the creation of both mobile and web apps. Based on the current demos, I feel that there are enough examples of possible Cytoscape.js based webapps but each needs more documentation. There is very little guidance provided to new users as to why each demo works the way it does. To use a car metaphor, it seems like the demos are oriented more for going from 60 - 100 mph than 0-60. As mentioned in the provided description, each demo exhibits a single concept rather than tying them all together. Tutorials will tie together the disparate demos into more powerful (while still easy to understand) examples of Cytoscape.js




  • Max Franz