coala website and coala-html

coala-html is a console application used to display results from coala-json as an interactive web page. Prototype is available at Github.

coala website a main website for coala with coala demo integrated. It’d be written from scratch with improved UI and features.

Proposed features are:

  • coala-html
    • Improve UI for Logs and Results by implementing Material Design.
    • Implement better search feature. Create a Fuzzy Search module.
    • Add UnitTest
  • coala-website
    • Implement a demo of coala within coala website allowing users to run coala on their code snippet from within their web browser.
    • Available at Gitlab




  • Harsh Dattani
  • Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297)
  • Makman2
  • ManoranjanP
  • Uran198