The capabilities of browser fingerprinting as a tool to track users online has been demonstrated by Panopticlick and other research papers since 2010. The Tor community is fully aware of the problem and the Tor browser has been modified to follow the "one fingerprint for all" approach. However, due to the constant evolution of the web and its underlying technologies, it has become a true challenge to always stay ahead of the latest fingerprinting techniques.

For this Google Summer of Code project, I propose to develop the Fingerprint Central website that will run a fingerprinting test suite and collect data from Tor browsers to help developers design and test new defences against browser fingerprinting. The website will be similar to or Panopticlick for users where they will get a complete summary with statistics after the test suite has been executed. It can be used to test new fingerprinting protection as well as making sure that fingerprinting-related bugs were correctly fixed with specific regression tests. The expected long-term impact of this project is to reduce the differences between Tor users and reinforce their privacy and anonymity online.



Pierre Laperdrix


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