User Profile App using ReactJS

As a part of modernising the architecture of DHIS 2, we are in the process of rewriting server based system maintenance apps as modern client side web apps. While development of settings app, maintenance app and app-management app is nearly complete, the User Profile App is yet to get started. As part of the GSOC 2016, I propose to develop user profile application for DHIS2. This app will essentially provide a user interface to DHIS2 users to -

  • View and edit user profile details.
  • View and edit user account settings.

I will be using ReactJS view library and will follow a Flux based architecture to write this app. The application's architecture should be such that we can reuse most of its components in other apps using D2-UI. It is important that the overall look and feel of this app matches that of the other new client-side applications. D2 should be extended by adding methods and properties so that it is capable of performing all operations required to view and update user profile and account settings.




  • Mark Polak
  • Nico