SegAnnDb (Segmentation Annotation Database) is a web app, which helps researchers analyze a chromosome profile for copy number alterations in genes. Many studies have found that copy number variations are linked to diseases like - cancer, tumors, Alzheimers etc. Study and analysis of CNVs is an active area of research in bioinformatics.

SegAnnDB allows users to upload a profile and then annotate it on basis of loss, gain, deletion, and amplification Various profiles are stored in the webapp and researchers can work with them. SegAnnDB provides most accurate results when compared to other applications. It uses concepts of machine learning and data analysis to arrive at most accurate models.

The aim of this project is to add various significant features into SegAnnDB , some of these will be -

  • Test Suite
  • Permissions System on profiles
  • Replace large PNGs by sub regions of chromosome
  • Faster Deletion of profiles
  • Sharing of annotations
  • Safe cleaning of generate log files
  • Packaging it as docker container

This project will greatly improve collaboration on SegAnnDB, it will also make its development easier and more people will start using it in their research and analysis.




  • Toby Hocking