The proposal at hand describes the working plan for developing a graph-based SLAM algorithm using the mrpt toolkit in the following summer. The suggested strategy builds upon the ideas developed by (Olson, 2009) for the data association and robust loop closing parts, while using already implemented schemes (mrpt version of Levenberg Marquardt, iSAM solver) for dealing with the optimization part. The result by the end of summer should be a fully functional, robust and usuable graph-based SLAM algorithm ready to be used by researchers and roboticists. We provide an overal timeline, with intermediate milestones to make sure that we meet the goals of the project. The proposal begins with an introduction to the graph-based formulation and lists already implemented and successful graphSLAM strategies. The following two sections (implementation details, timeline) describe the graphSLAM algorithm that we suggest. The final section provides with general information about the author and his background in simultaneous localization and mapping and open-source programming projects


Nikos Koukis


  • Edu Fdez
  • Jose Luis Blanco-Claraco