ODE.jl is an ever increasing store house of numerical solvers of ordinary differential equations. While many solvers are currently found in ODE.jl, there are still many which are awaiting a native Julia implementation in the package. In particular, there is a lack of implicit solvers implemented in ODE.jl (currently, there is only one implicit solver: ode23s). Such solvers are important because they are especially suited for solving stiff ODEs, which are very common. In light of this, the first goal of my proposed project is a native implementation of implicit solvers RADAU and MEBDFI. Further, in order to reliably use ODE.jl, a robust initial value problem (IVP) testing suite for ODE.jl solvers is a necessity. Work has has been started towards this end through the development of IVPTestSuite.jl. Though, there are many improvements to IVPTestSuite.jl which could be made, especially in improving the ODE solver performance tracking. Thus, the second goal of my proposed project is to advance IVPTestSuite.jl and its surrounding documentation.





  • mauro3
  • Jiahao Chen