This proposal consist of the implementation of of a library layout redesign with tabs for special purpose. The Qt Treeview will be changed by a vertical layout of button allowing more space in many views. Many things are inspired in Clementine player and others are inspired in the library layout redesign discussion thread. The layout is designed taking in account the controllers.

  • Library tab: this will change the current Qt Treeview to small buttons allowing more space to the user.
  • Other views: the other views in the library tab remain the same but replacing the Qt Treeview at left with the buttons layout
  • Library view: this treeview will be similar to the one in Clementine but I’ve added the crates item and a history item where the user can view the last played songs. This may be a big release so it will be divided in small releases.
  • Browse PC view: this is a new tab allowing the user to browse the PC and add the desired songs to the library. It has the option to view folders as a tree or only a single folder (selected in preferences).





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