This project will make improvements on the project IBus-Braille that was successfully completed by a student under SMC. Hear IBus-Braille is an input method engine that work with IBus. It is a six key approach. letters f, d, s, j, k, l represent 1 2 3 4 5 6 of the braille dots respectively. By pressing f and s together will produce letter k and like. The project got a great acceptance from visually impaired people who uses languages with big character set.

1 A core braille module that can be plugin to any web related requirement.
2 Online IME Tool. 3 Braille input method Plugin for chromium 4 Braille input method Plugin for Firefox 5 Make 8-dot braille possible 6 Integrate IBus-Braille with Liblouis 7 Announce extra information through Screen Reader 8 Solve the dot 4 issue. 9 Add Facility to write direct Braille Unicode 10 Three to Six for disabled people with one hand 11 User Interface for Creating and Editing Liblouis Tables 12 Add support for more Indic Languages via liblouis



Anwar N


  • Nalin Sathyan
  • Samuel Thibault