This project aims at integrating IFTTT (IF This Then That) feature to the Wikidata extension and extending RSS views and writing Unit tests for the existing Wikipedia triggers on IFTTT. IFTTT technology being one of the most popular ways of making chains of web services communicate with one another, will be used to make Wikidata to communicate with other web services (IFTTT web service) across the web. This project involves studying the Wikidata API, IFTTT technology internals and providing a new and friendly way to communicate to Wikidata. Adding RSS views will enable users to connect with the service independent of IFTTT and writing tests will automate testing of the application saving time and improving on productivity.



Alangi Derick (d3r1ck)


  • slaporte
  • Marius Hoch (hoo)
  • samtar
  • Lydia Pintscher (WMDE)
  • Bene*