Bonestagram is an Augmented Reality web project that aims to encourage everyone to collect a personal copy of their medical scans. Most people today do not realise that when you undergo an MRI, CT, Xray or other medical imaging procedure, the health record belongs to you and you can ask for a copy of the result. It is a good idea to keep a personal collection of the medical scans because they are useful when you seek second opinion or when you move and visit a new clinic. Also, in the case of new injuries or emergencies, having easy access to prior scans is very helpful, and sometimes even critical.

Bonestagram provides a fun, interactive visualisation on the web for medical scans. Users will be able to see their medical scans in the browser, and interact with the visualisation through the web cam.

Bonestagram is Javascript-based and the components created will be submitted to the mentoring organisation BioJS as building blocks for visualisation of biological data on the web.

For a preview of the development progress, please feel free to check out this video (





  • Guy Yachdav
  • Hesam
  • sacdallago