Current Tracing Framework under RTEMS instruments the target ELF files to trace event-data based on a user-configuration. A Capture Engine buffers trace data in SMP-safe manner and records it on the target. RTEMS uses its own format for the traces. In this project we propose to modify the tracing framework to generate traces in the standardized Common Trace Format (CTF). CTF is a bit-packed trace-format used by a range of monitoring and visualisation tools (eg. Babeltrace). In the next phase, I will implement live-tracing functionality over a set of popular transport mechanisms(eg. USB, JTAG). Using LTTng tools we can visualise and analyse these live-traces on the host. I will focus on measuring and minimizing the overhead added due to tracing.





  • Isaac
  • Mathieu Desnoyers
  • Chris Johns
  • eepp