The AngularJS Community App is the standard application on the Mifos X platform that provides all the core functionality for the most common methods of financial inclusion, products and services. View the scope and usage of the project it need to be very scalable and modular to ease the maintenance, customisation and even the performance. However another important point of this project is the UI component consistency for the Community App to be more user friendly and customisable. During this Summer of Code Program I will be ensuring the following point to be implemented in the next version of Mifos X platform.

(1) Update the AngularJS version to 1.5.x (2) Performance improvements by introducing on demand loading (3) Implement a new skin for the app (4) Migrate the stylesheets to Sass (5) Upgrade to latest version of http://angularĀ­ (6) Upgrade all plugins to versions compatible with Angular 1.5.x





  • Pranjal Goswami