While experienced IRC users have no problem getting used to Polari, the growing number of new users that are not familiar with IRC clients demands an improved and fast initial setup so that user retention is favored and a new room blank state, in order to add a more friendly look to the current blank state.

A better initial experience would definitely help new users, but what about regular ones that are already used to Polari? Since this project aims towards improving the overall user experience for both new and accustomed users, contextual popups, enhanced nickname tab-completion, favorite users section contained in the user list and the clever filtering of their status messages would definitely prove to be valuable assets for the future versions of Polari.

With the help of Florian Muellner and Bastian Ilso, whom will aid me as mentors in the process of developing these ideas, I plan on adding user-friendly features that would enhance the user onboarding capabilities of Polari, making it easier for people to use our application.



Rares-Mihail Visalom


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  • hougaardjunior@gmail.com