The Debian Med project prepares packages that are associated with medicine, pre-clinical research, and life sciences. Its developments are mostly focused on three areas for the moment: medical practice, imaging and bioinformatics.

The Debian Med team has packaged a lot of medical (biological, scientific) tools and libraries. We want to make these tools work %100 efficient, stable and featuring reproducible results. In this project we'll add auto package tests to tools which don't have these tests, hunt bugs of packages which failed in autopkgtests and take stability, user confidence into the results to higher levels like what Continous Integration concept of Debian do.

To whom may be curious about the concept: The Debian continuous integration (debci) is an automated system that coordinates the execution of automated tests against packages in the Debian system. Debci will continuously run autopkgtest test suites from source packages in the Debian archive. The long term goal is to equip every package in the field of biology with such a test suite and this GSoC project should gain a solid base for the long term goal.



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  • Andreas Tille