Tiled is a general-purpose tile map editor. It supports various tile shapes like square, hexagonal, isometric square. Tiled support in KivEnt will be a very useful tool, given that Tiled is already a very famous and feature-rich platform for creating game worlds and maps. A game developer would appreciate getting to use Tiled to create worlds with kivy than some custom platform in-built into KivEnt. This will also make it easier (at least the map part) for people to port their existing games to KivEnt, from other platforms which use Tiled.

The aim of this project is to create a fully-functional Tiled module which supports almost all features which Tiled currently supports, i.e. various types of tile shapes, tile animations, multiple layers, shape definitions in tiles, custom data etc. The project will also require a TMX file format loader/parser.




  • Akshay Arora
  • Kovak
  • Tito