The Proposal focuses on the improvement of App Inventor in the following aspects: Component Enhancements and Runtime Instantiation. Component Enhancement mainly targets the improvement in the features of components (ListView) so that the user can add more forms of information into the component. The Proposal focuses on the improvement of Listview so that after the final enhancements, the user can add Images and Text in the order they wish. Runtime Instantiation of Components enables the user to instantiate components by just using the blocks. This in turn gives the user, the ability to add components at runtime and instantiate them when necessary. This feature can boost the memory management in App inventor by assigning memory when needed. The proposal also marks the enhancement of file access. The app inventor currently doesn't support the access of External Storage in general. The proposal focuses on adding this feature so that many apps such as file managers can be made. Now, app inventor need not call an intent to access a file. Finally the proposal focuses on adding animation properties to the components so that the user is able to give a "Living" feel to their application.





  • Andrew McKinney