Key mapping GUI

The goal of this project is to make it as easy as possible for the users of Mixxx to customize the keyboard mapping to their taste, without having to modify a *.cfg file and having to restart Mixxx. In order to achieve that, the idea is to make a GUI for the keyboard mapping. There are now two main controller types: MIDI and HID. This project is about developing the third one: keyboard.

The keyboard controller will be always visible in preferences -> controllers. In contrast to the HID- and the MIDI controllers, which both have four tabs (Controller Setup, Input Mappings, Output Mappings and Scripts), the keyboard controller will just have two tabs: Controller Setup and Key Mapping. The Controller Setup will be the same as for the HID controllers, but the Key mapping tab will consist of a table with three columns:

  • Action
  • Key (Or 'Key Combination')
  • Comment

Assigning key combinations will be as easy as clicking the key (combination) cell and pressing the desired key (combination). If the given combination is already chosen for another action, both actions will be disabled and highlighted red, indicating an error.





  • RJ Ryan
  • Ferran Pujol Camins