With this proposal I hope to benefit the open-source hardware enthusiast community with work related to the incredible Parallela board used by thousands of students and hobbyists around the world. This project will focus on the integration of the RISC-V rocket core, inside the Zynq FPGA device of Parallela. The RISC-V rocket core is an implementation of the RISV-V ISA that has gotten a lot of attention and support due to being clean, modular and power efficient. This project will allow owners of Parallela boards to write and execute RISC-V programs with minimal effort from their side. The system will work out of the box with a prebuilt binary image ready to be placed in an SD card and users will be able to re-build it with minimal effort. Moreover, a tutorial document will be created to aid inexperienced users make the most of this work and allow them to modify it for their own needs and purposes with custom hardware and / or software code.




  • olofk
  • Andreas Olofsson