In the modern day, GNSS Receivers form the heart of numerous systems - positioning, navigation, time-keeping, synchronisation of communication systems, power metering systems etc. Many civilian and military critical infrastructure depend on these receivers to provide accurate estimates of time and position. A denial of GNSS Service to these installations through intentional or unintentional interference could escalate into catastrophic proportions and is a major threat to counter towards Critical Infrastructure Protection.

One of the effective methods of mitigating the spoofing attacks and other intentional/unintentional interference with GNSS receivers have been demonstrated to be Antenna Array based receivers that use multiple GNSS Receivers and antennae to identify possible interference sources and to cancel their effects.

The goal of this project would be to develop a circular array of GNSS receiver modules with patch antennae on a single PCB, that would resemble the form factor of a Flying Disc and hence the name - Frisbee.



Ajith Peter


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