DBpedia is one of the most extensive and most widely used knowledge base in over 125 languages. DBpedia Lookup is a tool that allows The DBpedia Lookup is a web service that allows users to obtain various DBpedia URIs for a given label (keywords/anchor texts). The service provides two different types of search APIs, namely, Keyword Search and Prefix Search. The lookup service currently returns the query results in XML (default) and JSON formats and works on English language. It is based on a Lucene Index providing a weighted label lookup, which combines string similarity with a relevance ranking in order to find the most relevant matches for a given label. As a part of the GSOC 2016, I am going to implement an improvised Lucene search module by generating indexes from SPARQL end points and RDF dumps. This module will also take care of the surface forms of the labels and will be an independent module that can be used on any RDF knowledge base.



Kunal Jha


  • Sandro
  • Tim Ermilov
  • Axel Ngonga
  • Dimitris Kontokostas