This project will tackle the problems faced by the users while creating a new list or changing the settings of the existing lists. This project will make it easier for users to create new styles and apply them to a list by providing them a web interface(as a part of Postorius) that will enable them to create new styles, edit/copy/inherit existing ones and apply them to a mailing list. For example, if a user wants to change whether Mailman sends a message to the unsubscriber when he/she leaves the mailing list, then, he would just change the 'send_goodbye_message' attribute in the style being used by that particular list and all done!!! The web interface will help the administrators in managing the styles with just a few click without having them to type long commands at shell. This will enhance the overall user experience.



Harshit Bansal


  • Barry
  • Terri O
  • maxking
  • Florian Fuchs