This is a brief overview of what I intend to do. I want to implement the standardized smart grid connection ”OpenADR”. What are the advantages to implement this interface into the Colibri project? The grid operators have the possibility to inform the customer about e.g. the current energy price, with this standardized interface. The customer can control his electrical consumers regarding the given information. Colibri with the OpenADR connection helps to automate this process on the customer side. The Colibri control module can reduce or increase the total power consumption depending on to the information from the other smart grid agents. In the end this will result in a more stable grid, because the energy producer and consumer will stand in an interdependency. This also leads to an better usage of the energy resources which is a great benefit for the society. Therefore it is a good idea to add this functionality to the Colibri project.


Georg Faustmann


  • Andreas Fernbach
  • dschachi