Web Console is a debugging tool for the web apps built with Ruby on Rails. In order to debug, it provides an interactive Ruby session to the developers. The console is displayed in the current page of the browser, and its session stores context of running code of the web app. It allows us to debug the web apps interactively.

This project aims to make a better user experience for Web Console as a whole, and the main focus is to support "auto-completion" feature, which is to help us typing commands speedy and quickly on the console.

And also, this project is getting into ways to extend Web Console. The other goal of the project is to create "built-in commands" and its architecture, which makes Web Console more extendable, and it can open the door to yet another contributors.

A point worthy of special mention is that the above features are working on the inner of console, and it basically does not need new things for the HTML view of Web Console.

Details: https://github.com/sh19910711/google-summer-of-code-2016





  • gsamokovarov