The ScummVM project currently does not support the original MacVenture games developed for the Macintosh 128k. However, there is already a modern implementation of these games that supports the original game files, the WebVenture engine.

Most of the reverse engineering work for the MacVenture games is already done in the WebVenture engine, but since it is written in JavaScript, a direct port is necessary for it's integration with ScummVM. In addition, the WebVenture engine already supports the Apple II versions of the games, making it possible for them to be added to the same engine in the respective ScummVM implementation.

Therefore, the goals of this project are:

  • To write an engine in C++ to support these games, with a base in the existing JavaScript implementation.
  • To integrate the engine with the existing ScummVM framework, so that it can support MacVenture games in the many platforms that ScummVM supports.

Most of the MacVenture games were pioneers in their respective genres, so the ScummVM community would benefit greatly from having access to these games as classics of their genres, for academic and nostalgic value.





  • John Willis