SPI slave driver implementation. The task is to create a driver controlling SPI hardware controller in slave mode, and to ensure optimal performance through the use of DMA and interrupt. Creating an easy to implement realization of SPI slave would definitely help the BeagleBone community members to write applications based on SPI much more easily. The first implementation of my protocol driver is going to example of a bidirectional data exchange. This application will provide the BeagleBone community with valuable experience and will be a good example of SPI slave. Hardware limitations make it impossible to perform any realization of the device using SPI slave. Sending away data to the master during one transaction is not possible. One transaction is enough to receive data by slave device. To receive and send back data, two transactions are needed. The data received from master device in a single transaction is transferred to the user after completing the transaction. The user's reply to received data is sent in the next transaction.





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