Motivation for Proposal / Goal:

Vert.x is an excellent full-stack toolkit which can help us build FRP-sytle, high concurrent, scalable applications. And I hope more developers could make full use of Vert.x to build their applications rapidly and concisely. So it is necessary to implement a series of applications using various part of the Vert.x toolkit to demonstrate the ability to build many kinds of applications.

My goal is to implement some different applications using Vert.x and write detailed documents(both in English and Simplified Chinese) as guideline for the newcomer to Vert.x in order to help them understand the foundations of a vert.x application rapidly and then build complex applications. As for the newcomers who are from other frameworks, like Spring MVC or Spring Boot, I can also give a document for them using analogy to help them get used to Vert.x rapidly.





  • Clement Escoffier
  • Paulo Lopes