Improving Discussion Threads and UI/UX of Apache Allura


  • Improve Discussion Threads (ForgeDiscussion)
  • Improve landing page on installation and general UI improvements and UX bug fixes (Allura)
  • Implementing a Mobile Web View similar to GitHub

Brief Points

  • Implement async loading of comments and allow them to be paginated.
  • Improve emails sent out by the platform, look into how to integrate them with email clients like done by GitHub.
  • Improve viewing attachments, allow embedding some types of attachments. Preview feature.
  • Extend the models in the threads to allow voting(express +1, LGTM etc.) on individual comments. Add support for emoji.
  • Improve the landing page of Forge.
  • Implement a separate Mobile Web View, this involves extending the API and creating new views specifically for mobile web browsers.




  • Heith
  • Dave Brondsema