EASE is a scripting project for eclipse which allows users to execute scripts from local and remote sources. It is a threat to user in executing scripts from unknown sources especially scripts stored on remote server. One way to provide authenticity and integrity is digital signature. I would like to work with EASE Eclipse community to extend project to provide signing and verifying script functionality to users. For providing signing feature, we can use java security API. It provides simple classes and methods to perform wide range of things like signing files using private key of user, export certificates, import certificates, verify signature, generating public and private keys, etc. User will be uploading his script on server, from where remote users can directly access such scripts through code and verify them before execution to know their credibility. I plan to provide several UI enhancements to support script signing efficiently. With successful completion of this project, EASE users will be able to judge nature of script before execution.



Varun Raval


  • christianpontesegger@gmail.com