The current Python's development process is very complicated for core developers. When an external contributor uploads a patch for a certain issue, the core developer needs to download the patch and then apply the patch and run the tests manually to make sure it works properly. Also, the core developers review the code on the forked version of Rietveld code review tool which is not being maintained. Once the patch is correct, the changes are committed manually. This is a manual and burdensome process for core developers. On 1st January 2016, Brett Cannon decided to migrate from Mercurial on to Git on GitHub.

So, my project is about migrating to Git/Github. I will be working on creating pull requests on Github whenever a patch is submitted on the issue tracker ( and integrating various bots to maintain linear history of commits, auto-close of issues, enforce CLA, etc. Towards the end of the GSoC period, I will work on patch-related improvements.


Anish Shah


  • Terry Reedy
  • Maciej Szulik
  • Terri Oda