Both astropy and Sherpa ( provide modeling and fitting capabilities; however, Sherpa’s features are way more advanced providing far more build-in models, a larger choice of optimizers and a real variety of fit statistics. Whereas Astropy's functional state-based interface is much more user friendly. Astropy is also more widely used. The main goal is the bring Sherpa’s optimizers and fit statistic functions to astropy. A more hopeful goal is to develop a bridge between both packages such that a user can use a astropy models completely interchangeably with Sherpa models and fitters. This will give astropy users access to fitting capabilities that required many years of developer time and that are unfeasible redevelop from scratch.


  • Sherpa optimization routines embedded within astropy fitters and have them use astropy models.
  • The ability to use of all sherpa's fit statistic functions while fitting.
  • Have sherpa models imported through astropy act like astropy models.





  • hamogu
  • Tom Aldcroft
  • olaurino