The ScholarLY 'annotate' module is a new tool, currently in a workable preliminary state, which extends the LilyPond music engraving software to add various implementations of textual annotations for collaborative workflows and the creation of critical editions. This project aims to improve functionality of the module within the LilyPond environment, and to extend the various outputs of those annotations. As such, the primary target features include triggering of score items from within annotations, ability to render score snippets in annotations, addition of new output file types of annotation logs (it currently supports plaintext and tex), ability to handle and export latex-ready footnotes, and the creation of a versatile LaTeX package (which does not exist yet in any state) for compiling the annotations (from the previously exported log) in LaTeX with customizable options for styling and distribution. Ultimately, 'annotate' offers a comprehensive functionality that hasn't yet been achieved in traditional/commercial softwares, and which will benefit a range of engravers from amateurs and individuals to professionals and group settings.





  • Urs Liska
  • Jan-Peter