• saifulbkhan

    Audio tag editing support for GNOME Music
    Organization: GNOME
    Make GNOME Music more than just a read-only view of the user's music collection by providing features to embed metadata into the music files.
  • qiubit

    Audio/Video sync mechanism
    Organization: VideoLAN / VLMC Project
    Audio/Video sync is essential in movie editing and playback. Videos that are out of sync are often uncomfortable to watch to a viewer, so it is...
  • YL

    AutoComplete ComboBox for Panel's Filter, Interactive Tutorial and GUI Filter Expression Generator
    Organization: TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore
    In this proposal, 3 features will be proposed. All proposed feature are based on the needs for user to key in the panel filter faster and easier. The...
  • black-perl

    Automated release generation for syslog-ng
    Organization: The syslog-ng project
    Syslog-ng is a famous log management software with content-based filtering, rich filtering capabilities, flexible configuration options, TCP...
  • smarshy

    Automated Testing - VMS
    Organization: Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
    Systers has many projects wherein it is crucial to ensure that applications function as expected. Volunteer Management System is one such project,...
  • Alangi Derick (d3r1ck)

    Automated Testing and Integration of IFTTT support to Wikidata
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    This project aims at integrating IFTTT (IF This Then That) feature to the Wikidata extension and extending RSS views and writing Unit tests for the...
  • Anton Khodak

    Automated tool wrapper/converter for CWL
    Organization: Open Bioinformatics Foundation
    The project is aimed to generate CWL tool descriptions from Python tools which use argparse.
  • maditparis

    Automated Unit Testing
    Organization: Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
    I would like to work on Automated Unit Testing and build off the current base that was developed last year, partly by me. The goal is to create a...
  • Junaid Ali

    Automatic Blank Handling
    Organization: The Apertium Project
    Our current format handling is brittle, requiring transfer rules to explicitly deal with blanks, and some times inevitably outputting them in the...
  • ibarbech

    Automatic code generation for State Machines
    Organization: Robocomp
    When you run robocompdsl in addition to create the file example .cdsl, will create an example file where state machine will be defined. When you run...
  • Aditya Nambiar

    Automatic mappings extraction
    Organization: dbpediaspotlight
    DBpedia currently maintains a mapping between Wikipedia info-box properties to the DBpedia ontology, since several similar templates exist to...
  • Rakshika Bagavathy

    Automatic Polygonal Mesh Healing
    Organization: BRL-CAD
    The aim is to provide features that will be useful in automatic polygonal healing of a mesh, which BRL-CAD essentially represents as a bag of...
  • spinute

    Automatic-selection mechanism for data structures in MRI
    Organization: Ruby
    I will consider and conduct a survey about the data structures appropriate to the operations used in Ruby, and combine their merits by dynamically...
  • Sanjeed Schamnad

    Avogadro-2: Integration of cclib data parser using Chemical JSON
    Organization: Open Chemistry
    This project proposes to integrate the cclib data parsing library with Avogadro-2 using the Chemical JSON format. Chemical JSON is a standard JSON...
  • Half-Shot

    Bark: Microblogging in Matrix
    Organization: Matrix.org
    My project is to implement a complete micro blogging system on top of Matrix. With the available infrastructure, I can build a web client for Matrix...
  • jbm950

    Base Class and Increased Efficiency for Equation of Motion Generators
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    For the project I propose working on creating a base class for the equations of motion generators in the physics module of the sympy library and add...
  • malithsen

    Organization: Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe )
    Automated download queue to take the best use of internet bandwidth by monitoring the network traffic and downloading at the optimum time period.
  • Voskoboynick

    Beacon Compliance Suite
    Organization: Global Alliance for Genomics & Health
    Main tasks include the following: the Beacon project and Beacon Networks project need a Java client to be implemented. The configurable clients...
  • amragaey

    BeagleBoard GSoC'16: Improving Bone101 Experience
    Organization: BeagleBoard.org
    This idea is aimed to improve the experience of Bone101 to make the most use of it to be friendly to novice developers, allowing them to work with...
  • Punit Vara

    Beaglebone Black BSP Improvement
    Organization: RTEMS Project
    RTEMS is mainly designed for Real time applications, embedded systems that implements a single process, multi threaded environment. The project...
  • ZeekHuge

    Organization: BeagleBoard.org
    Many applications require mechanisms for high speed, real time and continuous data acquisition from a sensor that is essentially an ADC. Most...
  • Amelie HELIOU

    Best responses representation in bimatrix games
    Organization: Gambit - Software Tools for Game Theory
    Gambit is the first software for quantitative analysis in game theory. GTE (Game Theory Explorer) is a GUI (Graphical User Interface), it allows...
  • grievejia

    Better Alias Analysis By Default
    Organization: The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
    The cfl-aa pass implemented by Gerorge Burgess IV back in GSoC 2014 is a fast, precise and interprocedural analyses that overcomes many deficiencies...
  • Kamalpreet Kaur

    Better CSS Style Sheet Support
    Organization: Inkscape
    This project aims to enhance the support of CSS style sheets in Inkscape. The style values stored in the style attributes of the object are not...
  • Adrian Boguszewski

    Better data structure for selections
    Organization: Inkscape
    The main goal is designing new approach to untie selection object from user interface. Actual code base on legacy C code from SodiPodi and should be...
  • Adam Wyłuda

    Better off-heap collections for Scala
    Organization: Scala
    Scala-offheap is an experimental project which provides type-safe off-heap memory management for Scala language. The goal of this project is to...
  • Jonathan Neuschäfer

    Better Support for RISC-V Systems
    Organization: coreboot
    The goal of this project is to get coreboot running on a physical board with a RISC-V processor. So far, only emulated boards (QEMU and Spike) are...
  • Vlad Shablinsky

    Better support HEAD formulae
    Organization: Homebrew
    For now HEAD formulae can't be upgraded by just running brew upgrade <formula> --HEAD. The only way to upgrade HEAD formula is to uninstall it...
  • Arushi Dogra

    Better use on boarding/first time user experience
    Organization: Indic Project
    Making a tutorial at the the time of setup of Indic Keyboard. Features such as Theme Selection, Swipe, Size Selection, Adding number rows etc will be...
  • Samyadeep Basu

    Biological Graph Visualizations
    Organization: Open Genome Informatics
    The proposed project deals with the development of two Drupal modules, for storage and visualizations of Complex Biological Graph. Both the proposed...
  • thejmazz

    Bionode workflow engine for streamed data analysis
    Organization: Open Bioinformatics Foundation
    The streams based workflow engine will organize tasks into streams, allow parallelization of this streams, and work locally as well as integrated...
  • Utsav_Chokshi

    Bit torrent client for KolibriOS
    Organization: KolibriOS
    Primary goal of this project is to implement a bit torrent client for KolibriOS.
  • sebbas

    Blender Mantaflow Integration: Single Code Fluid Solver
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    Liquids and smoke are both fluids and share properties. It therefore makes sense to have one single fluid solver in Blender which handles all fluid...
  • Oleg.jakushkin

    BLonD code optimization strategy for parallel and concurrent architectures
    Organization: CERN SFT
    Our objective is to determine the best architectural and parallelization options for the BLonD future C++ code base. Project includes: Existing...
  • Faye

    Bonestagram - DICOM visualisation made fun
    Organization: BioJS
    Bonestagram is an Augmented Reality web project that aims to encourage everyone to collect a personal copy of their medical scans. Most people today...
  • joshim5

    Boolean-based Representations of Biological Systems
    Organization: Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    The goal of this project is to develop a model that can visualize biological networks as logic gate circuits, and vice-versa. In recent years,...
  • Jainesh Doshi

    Booting the eCos RTOS on the ArchC Simulator
    Organization: ArchC
    This project is aimed at porting a (cut down version priority) operating system on a simulator to understand the actual performances when...
  • Visarion Alexandru

    Boxes: More SPICE features
    Organization: GNOME
    GNOME Boxes is an application used to access virtual and remote systems, which targets typical desktop users. This proposal is about successfully...
  • Chalkos

    Breaking changes for the 2.0 release
    Organization: Ruby
    Everything that worked with Bundler 1.0 still works with Bundler 1.11, all new features from 1.0 to 1.11 have been incremental additions, without...
  • zlei

    Bring Native Clang Support to Gentoo
    Organization: Gentoo Foundation
    Clang is a C/C++/Obj-C compiler spawned from the LLVM project, famous for its modular design, rich diagnostic messages, non-intrusive license, etc....
  • Ivan Josa

    Bring Your Own Pois + Android Controller Upgrade
    Organization: Physical Web Project
    Liquid Galaxy needs a bluetooth scanner which will interact with Physical Web (PW) Beacon. Once the scanner has found this PW beacon it will...
  • Chingchai Humhong

    Bringing pyModis to the web through ZOO-Project
    Organization: OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation
    The pyModis project has been developed and used to work with MODIS data, it provides wxPython user interfaces which are able to download and process...
  • sniok

    BRL-CAD Web Infrastructure Update
    Organization: BRL-CAD
    This project aims to update current web infrastructure of BRL-CAD organisation. Specifically: creating new main web site at ‘brlcad.org’ as a central...
  • Prital Patel

    Browser Automated Tests for Joomla! CMS(covering Users and Content features)
    Organization: Joomla!
    System development nowadays more than ever starts to look for automated test methods. There are several main drivers for this trend -need for faster...
  • Richard Meister

    Browser-based Arduino sensor data transfer using WebRTC and headphone jack
    Organization: Public Lab
    Many open data projects rely on volunteers spending time to gather data, e.g. from remotely placed sensor nodes that capture environmental...
  • mbj36

    Browser-Based Offline Access
    Organization: Mifos Initiative
    Add offline support in community-app so that we can have same application working on all browsers with offline support without the need of desktop...
  • apsdehal

    Bug Hunt
    Organization: jQuery Foundation
    jQuery Mobile currently has a large number of open issues (~300). To maintain JQM’s vitality, this backlog should be necessarily cleared. This summer...
  • JuexinWang

    Build a web service and auto updating pipeline to provide 3D structure alignments for BioPortal
    Organization: cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics
    cBioPortal provides web resources in cancer genome research. Building a web service to provide protein alignments between ensembl and PDB sequences...
  • gauravgupta

    Build Deep Learning models online
    Organization: CloudCV
    This is a user interface to draw and configure deep neural networks and supports import / export of model configuration file from / to caffe &...
  • patmagee

    Building a Better Beacon: Developing Supporting Tools for the Beacon Project
    Organization: Global Alliance for Genomics & Health
    With beacons being lit and the specification readily being adopted by organizations all over the world, there is a need for a toolkit which...
  • Rokas

    Building cortical network models in NeuroML2 using procedural and declarative programming approaches
    Organization: International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility
    There is a long history of neuronal simulator-specific modelling in the fields of theoretical neuroscience and neuroinformatics. As a result, most of...
  • coco90417

    Building Survival Models from Genomic Data with Google TensorFlow
    Organization: Biomedical Informatics, Emory University
    Large-scale cancer genomic research, such as TCGA project generated huge amount of high-dimensional data, yet most features are under-explored for...
  • Sergei Sakhno

    C layer
    Organization: KolibriOS
    writing layer between C and assembler code
  • Jayton

    Cache layer for jpf-nhandler
    Organization: Java Pathfinder Team
    JPF is the most popular model checking tool for Java applications. It is extensible and there are lots of extensions for various purposes....
  • NemoNoboru

    Cap'n Proto RPC implementation by wrapping c++
    Organization: Ruby
    Cap'n Proto RPC implementation Project idea There is already a decent binding of Cap'n Proto in github but it doesn't have RPC. My project consist...
  • Kolpa

    Carbon Footprint for Google Maps Firefox Port
    Organization: Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien
    During this project i would start with porting the basic implementation of the carbon dioxide calculation and would after that is complete create and...
  • PrateekGupta1509

    Carbon Footprints
    Organization: Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien
    The project aims at developing extensions for multiple browser which allows a user to use the extension for most of leading map services, the...
  • mishinma

    Carsus - TARDIS support package for creating atomic datasets.
    Organization: TARDIS-SN
    For running its simulations TARDIS needs atomic data, such as atomic masses, ionization energies, levels and transitions. This data is available...
  • story645

    Categorical Axis
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    While matplotlib 1.5 added direct support for plotting data frames, there are still a few related tasks yet to be done. An important one is...
  • Lokesh Sharma

    Categorical data support for Daru, Statsample and Statsample-glm
    Organization: Ruby Science Foundation
    In Data Science acquiring insight from data is what matters and any good data analysis tool must have the key functionalities required to extract...
  • Pulkit Bhatia

    Celluloid - Adding new features to Reel
    Organization: Celluloid
    Reel is Celluloid::IO native, evented server which serves as bare-bones for http and webSocket server providing functionality such as Connection...
  • Prathmesh Ranaut

    Celluloid - Benchmarking and Performance Improvements
    Organization: Celluloid
    Celluloid has gone through a lot of improvements since v0.13. This has somehow affected the performance. The aim of my project primarily is to create...
  • Ma-Shell

    Centralized Service Configuration for Holmes
    Organization: The Honeynet Project
    Holmes Processing (http://holmesprocessing.github.io) is a system used for automated malware analysis of huge volumes of malware samples, which...
  • rohitmohan96

    Ceylon Markdown
    Organization: JBoss Community
    This project aims to create a Markdown processor written in Ceylon that will be a part of the Ceylon SDK. This will be based mainly on the CommonMark...
  • Lucas Werkmeister

    Ceylon TypeScript Loader
    Organization: JBoss Community
    Write a program that loads TypeScript declarations for use in the Ceylon compiler. This will allow people to use TypeScript libraries and programs,...
  • Canberk Koç

    CI for Debian-Med
    Organization: Debian Project
    The Debian Med project prepares packages that are associated with medicine, pre-clinical research, and life sciences. Its developments are mostly...
  • Mouna A

    Cividroid 2.0
    Organization: CiviCRM
    My perception for the next evolution of Cividroid revolves around the concept of ‘Dashlets’. During my frequent visit to the CiviCRM Dashboard on the...
  • Pranay Yadav

    CiviREBUX: Report Building Extension for CiviCRM
    Organization: CiviCRM
    CiviREBUX is an native CiviCRM extension for drafting custom Contribution and Membership reports via a drag-n-drop interface. CiviREBUX combines...
  • sasanikolic

    CKEditor plugins for TMGMT
    Organization: Drupal
    The Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) module is an extension to support editors, publishers, translators and project managers during their process...
  • Prasad_arun

    Cleanup ffcall
    Organization: GNU Project
    GNU Libffcall is a collection of four libraries which can be used to build foreign function call interfaces in embedded Interpreters: Avcall -...
  • Anastasia

    Closer integrating Homebrew with Homebrew cask
    Organization: Homebrew
    The goal of my project is making Homebrew Cask better integrate with Homebrew by moving Cask core into Homebrew and making Cask commands use Homebrew...
  • Ismael Arroyo

    Cloud Point Visualization for Liquid Galaxy
    Organization: Liquid Galaxy Project
    This project will join the capabilities of Cloud Point visualization and the high-resolution capabilities of Liquid Galaxy. Different middlewares...
  • lemourin

    Cloud services support for vlmc
    Organization: VideoLAN / VLMC Project
    Backend for some most popular cloud services: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive. Integrating it with vlmc user interface.
  • diyclassics

    CLTK Latin/Greek Backoff Lemmatizer
    Organization: Classical Language Toolkit
    Lemmatization is a core preprocessing task for NLP which allows for meaningful comparisons of different forms of a given word in a corpus. For highly...
  • Richhiey

    Clustering of Search Results
    Organization: Xapian Search Engine Library
    The current clustering functionality implemented in Xapian uses hierarchical clustering and though it provides fairly good results for low...
  • Abhishek Kumar Annamraju

    CNN based object localization and recognition for openDetection library
    Organization: Open Detection
    The proposal mainly focuses on Convolutional Neural Network based object detection module to be integrated with the openDetection library. The...
  • Adhityaa Chandrasekar

    coala: Automatic settings guessing
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    In this project, I propose to create an automated settings guessing feature based on the available samples for coala, a static code-analysis tool....
  • tushar-rishav

    coala: coala-html and coala website
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    coala website and coala-html coala-html is a console application used to display results from coala-json as an interactive web page. Prototype is...
  • Adrianzatreanu

    coala: Decentralizing Bears
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The aim of this project is to create a lot of packages, so that it will be way easier to maintain bears, and to update them with awesome features....
  • SanketDG

    coala: Documentation Extraction
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The aim of the project is to develop a language independent analyzing routine that will find all documentation strings in a file, parse them into...
  • mr-karan

    coala: Extend linter integration
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The aim of the project is to ease the process of creating a new Lint Bear, addressing the issue of linting files having embedded source code and...
  • Abhay Raizada

    coala: Generic Spacing Correction
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The Aim of this Project is to create and implement an algorithm that figures out the right indentation for as many programming languages as...
  • Sheikh Araf

    coala: Integrating coala with the Eclipse IDE
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    This project aims to implement a feature-rich code analysis plugin for the Eclipse IDE using coala. This plugin will perform the analysis by running...
  • Redridge

    coala: Writing bears with different programming languages
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    coala’s modules for code analysis are called bears. Currently these modules can be written in python only. The aim of this project is to make it...
  • Harish Anand

    Cockpit Project's support for systemd timers
    Organization: Fedora Project
    A major component of the Fedora Server is the Cockpit Project, a web-based management console for servers. Systemd provides timer support for system...
  • Jayitra

    Code Refactor
    Organization: GNU Project
    GNU Libffcall is a collection of four libraries which can be used to build foreign function call interfaces in embedded Interpreters: Avcall -...
  • popeye

    Coders of Habitability
    Organization: McGill Space Institute
    To code up a Python open source data reduction pipeline for space-based infrared observations. The goal of this project is to reduce images from the...
  • bholagabbar

    Cohort Module Enhancements
    Organization: OpenMRS
    The cohort module is quintessential for providing an integrated, user-friendly and customizable monitoring tool for Households (generalized as...
  • Georg Faustmann

    Colibri OpenADR connector
    Organization: Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien
    This is a brief overview of what I intend to do. I want to implement the standardized smart grid connection ”OpenADR”. What are the advantages to...
  • goJoWe16

    Colibri – OBIX Connector
    Organization: Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien
    The OBIX Connector is intended to connect the OASIS OBIX platform to Colibris semantic interface. The Colibri smart energy management system will be...
  • PratyushTalreja

    Colibri: MATLAB Simulink Connector
    Organization: Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien
    Colibri provides a platform for smart building energy management. Semantics about the building, the building automation systems, other...
  • wojtuch

    Combining DBpedia and Topic Modelling
    Organization: dbpediaspotlight
    DBpedia, a crowd- and open-sourced community project extracting the content from Wikipedia, stores this information in a huge RDF graph. DBpedia...
  • Agata

    Organization: FOSSASIA
    Across the world there are different legal settings and requirements for sharing of Internet connections and specifically Open Wifi connections. The...
  • ad.laza32

    Complete basic cartography suite in GRASS GIS wxGUI Map Display
    Organization: OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation
    Currently a GRASS GIS user is forced to use Cartographic Composer or use another software (e.g. QGIS) to create hard copy map outputs with all...
  • Ashik

    Component Enhancement and Runtime Instantiation
    Organization: MIT Media Lab
    The Proposal focuses on the improvement of App Inventor in the following aspects: Component Enhancements and Runtime Instantiation. Component...
  • Xi-Jin Zhang (mfs6174)

    Computer Vision and Machine Leaning Applications on Artwork Images
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    The proposal is inspired by the idea G on RedHen's GSoC 2016 idea page. The main purpose is to develop models and code helping domain experts to...
  • Shiven Mian

    Conception and development of loklak_depot: a platform and marketplace for data
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    loklak_depot is a new product, which aims to be a platform, for all things data. The big-picture aim is to: using the data loklak scrapes from...
  • Jakub

    Configurable Shortcuts for Pitivi
    Organization: GNOME
    My primary goal is to implement customisable shortcuts for the Pitivi video editor. Users will be able to set their preference for every single...
  • Vu Huy

    CONIKS for Tor Messenger
    Organization: The Tor Project
    This project consists of two parts: a CONIKS server for key verification and a CONIKS client which integrates with the Tor Messenger client. The...
  • Nathiesha

    Contact Development Team feature in DevStudio
    Organization: WSO2
    Currently Developer Studio users contact the development team via wso2 web support portal (Jira), so the users have to put additional effort to send...
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